Contemporary Art ,Art Advisory & Art Management  
By Roberta Pinna

Roberta Pinna provides expert advice to companies and individuals who wish to acquire and develop contemporary art collections. Clients range from private collectors, some of whom are entering this field for the first time, right through to large corporations. Practice areas:

  • Analyze the market and conduct due diligence.
  • Negotiate and liaise with art galleries, art dealers, auction houses, art collectors & Art Investors
  • Visit artists’ studios, art galleries and art fairs. 
  • Scout Emerging & Established Artists
  • Consult with wealth managers and family offices on integrating art into their management strategy for private clients.
  • Work with trust and estate offices on behalf of collecting families. Project planning and budgeting.
  • Architectural plans review for optimum placement and collaboration with designers, architects, and contractors.
  • Artwork presentation, selection and acquisition. National and international shipping logistics.
  • Documentation: catalogue, database management , signage. Maintenance: inventory assessment.

By Art Historian Danilo Cardone 

Danilo Cardone is an Art Historian & Art Consultant who specializes in art appraisals with a particular focus on Antique Art.  Whether your art collection is diversified in contemporary, modern and antique or you have received a donation or an inheritance , you may need a specialist's appreciation. For more information on his services visit appraisals include but are not limited to: 


  • Examine artwork and determine whether or not it's authentic.
  • Follow  paper trails to determine the art piece's history of ownership.
  • Use special equipment that involves laser and X-ray technology. 


  • Evaluate art pieces for their value.
  • Determine the fair market value of the piece and if sold to private buyers or via auctions.
  • Research and compare the value of similar types of pieces.
  • Evaluate the conditions of the art piece.
  • Evaluate the piece for an insurance, a donation, an auction.